The Process

Features & Benefits of LacSure

Patient Safety

  • Each feed unit is labelled with a barcode containing the infant’s demographics.
  • The EBM Milk unit and the Patient Cot Card are compared using the scanner before feeding commences.
  • The system records each milk unit inventory and tracks all movement.

Safeguards Hospital

  • The system will confirm a milk unit is safe to give to the infant and will alert the user if a mismatch occurs.
  • The system assigns accountability to the user.
  • The system will compel the user to follow best practices and ensure compliance to correct procedures.

Improves Efficiency

  • The system increases efficiency by allowing 1 caregiver instead of 2 to administer a feed.
  • The system ensures conformance to feeding practices by automating the process.
  • The system stores all feed transactions electronically and reduces the reliance on paperwork.